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It Visits Me

An electrifying dive into suspense and the paranormal.


Cameron Gallagher’s horror, scripted by Jeremiah Lewis, introduces audiences to a realm where the paranormal meets vulnerability in a spine-chilling narrative. ‘It Visits Me’ unfurls as a suspense-heavy horror, where a fragile young woman seeks solace at her sister’s home, only to be ensnared by an eerie spirit. Sara Hallisey’s portrayal of Layla, the beleaguered protagonist, is a standout amidst the sparse dialogue, showcasing trepidation and conviction.

The film’s hair-raising atmosphere lies in its brilliant use of sound design, cinematic visuals, and lighting, meticulously crafted to evoke an eerie ambiance that seizes viewers from the outset. Adam Muro’s cinematography deserves a nod, offering well-framed widescreen shots that encapsulate the essence of the tale with technical brilliance and high-quality execution.

Starring Hayley Gasbarro as Layla’s sister Abigail, and Braeden Sumner as the antagonist, the ensemble contributes to the film’s immersive experience. Despite its brief runtime, ‘It Visits Me’ navigates the horror genre with confidence, weaving together just the right balance of jump scares and tension.

Gallagher’s direction ensures a unnerving journey, punctuated by a hair-raising cliff-hanger that leaves audiences on the edge. With a decent blend of suspense and paranormal intrigue, this short emerges as a must-watch, offering a haunting exploration of fear and the unknown.

It Visits Me Short Horror Film


Runtime: 10 min
Genre: ,

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