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Is It My Fault?

Childhood trauma is gently unraveled in this eerie hand-drawn animation.


Written, directed and animated by Benjamin Pacheco, ‘Is It My Fault’ is a short animation that delves into the mental health of a teenage boy as a consequence of early childhood trauma. The hand-drawn artistry illustrates the roaring anxiety, trepidation and self-condemnation of the central character. Despite the omittance of verbal character dialogue, the narrative is supported through on-screen text as the protagonist attempts to save his childhood self from a metaphorical monster.

Throughout the 13 minute film, which has a potent melancholic tone, the teenage protagonist and his adolescent trauma are steadily unraveled – teasing some form of childhood abuse. The nature of the abuse is tastefully concealed, leaving the narrative open for viewer correlation. The antagonist is depicted as a heinous monster that takes the child prisoner – a crafty act of symbolism to highlight the everlasting effect of victimisation.

Benjamin Pacheco has created an eerie tale that doesn’t shy away from showcasing a victim’s sense of guilt, shame, blame, and sorrow. With religious undertones, and an overarching message of mental instability, the animation perfectly demonstrated the unfortunate consequences of past trauma and abuse.

The craftsmanship itself is skillfully hand-drawn in black and White – which aids the haunting tone of the narrative. Accompanying the visuals is a sinister musical soundtrack – also composed by Benjamin Pacheco. In spite of the film’s harrowing plot, the narrative climax gives a sense of hope and healing. A poignant watch that shouldn’t be overlooked. Highly recommended.

Is it my fault


Runtime: 13 min

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