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Tutu Grande

Captivating tale about a vengeful father.


Derek Sitter’s 13-minute thriller ‘Tutu Grande’ astonishes viewers with intense dialogue combined with a gripping narrative and a concluding twist. Sitter (Director/Writer) stars as the lead, a vengeful father who interrogates Jared (played by Nathan Woodworth). Both performances are truly captivating resulting in a short film that is certain to thrill.

Set in one-location and in real time, the narrative follows a father who is out for revenge for the sexual misconduct of his daughter. Jared (the offender) has been held hostage and is eerily lectured on trauma and the consequences of behaviour. Sitter’s character (the father) recalls past traumatic experiences that reflect is own understanding of what real trauma is. The short heavily reflects the current climate and the treatment of perpetrators of sexual misconduct – and for that alone this short should be applauded.

The outstanding cinematography (Taylor Morden), intimidating lighting and suspenseful music bring justice to the narrative and ensures delivery of a fine short film that bravely explores bold themes that matter. The title stems from a minor character in the movie (a large man in a pink tutu who poses as a threat to Jared). A thought-provoking performance by Sitter seals the success of ‘Tutu Grande’ and we cannot recommend this film enough. Budding filmmakers… Take stock! This is how it’s done!

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Runtime: 13 min
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