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A coming-of-age tale that delves into the intricate dynamics of survival, morality, and deception.


‘Daddy’, a short drama by Johanna Steinhart, unfolds within the desolation of a remote motel. Emily Robinson shines as Heather, the motel owner’s daughter, navigating dreams of a career in the adult film industry. Thomas W. Ashworth portrays her father, who contends with financial struggles to keep their lives afloat.

The film takes an unexpected turn after Heather’s sexual encounter with a guest, Grant, portrayed by Dylan Stretchbery. The subsequent revelation prompts Heather to learn of some chilling harsh realities. Steinhart skillfully guides the narrative, leaving viewers to question the unveiled morality before them.

Robinson’s performance is a revelation, infusing Heather with a self-empowered spirit that adds complexity to the film’s romantic elements. The entire cast delivers compelling performances, lending an edgy and mysterious quality to the narrative. Ken Shinozaki’s cinematography stands out, offering a well-crafted, cinematic quality that frames the story with precision.

‘Daddy’ emerges as an evocative and bold production, skillfully exploring challenging subject matters. Steinhart’s directorial finesse, coupled with compelling performances and striking cinematography, makes this short film a thought-provoking exploration of aspirations, deception and morality.

Daddy Short Film


Runtime: 20 min
Genre: ,

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