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It Only Spreads

A spine-chilling thriller that explores the mentality of a psychopath.


Written and directed by Carter Breaux, ‘It Only Spreads’ is a short thriller film that delves into the chilling psychology of a serial killer. The film acts as an extensive character study of the central character, portrayed hair-raisingly by Ethan O’Neal. Shot entirely in black and white, and on an iPhone, the narrative is explored from the viewpoint of the sociopath – revealing his alarming psychotic tendencies before and after each homicide. Viewers will be gripped, captivated and disturbed from start-to-finish.

The 26-minute film opens with an introduction to a seemingly benevolent young man. Throughout the short we learn of his isolated, albeit content existence in his unsoiled modest bungalow. The character voice-over conveys his troubled mindset – from childhood events, his mundane employment and the subsequent executions of innocent by-standards in his community.

Despite being a low-budget production, Carter Breaux has crafted a remarkable piece of filmmaking that demonstrates how advanced cinematic equipment is irrelevant in contemporary story-telling. The iPhone cinematography is simply breath-taking throughout, coupled with high quality sound and clever use of interior/exterior lighting. Ethan O’Neal delivers an unsettling performance that deserves high acclaim – his ability to convey an intensely flawed and sinister personality is awe-inspiring to watch. A grisly tale that you won’t forget in a hurry. Highly recommended.

It Only Spreads


Runtime: 27 min
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