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Jellyfish and Lobster

A wickedly funny and heartwarming tale of love in the twilight years.


Yasmin Afifi’s short comedy, ‘Jellyfish and Lobster,’ unfolds as a delightful exploration of love in the twilight years, blending poignant moments with uproarious humor. The film introduces us to the irreverent and terminally ill Grace, portrayed with sheer brilliance by Flo Wilson. Grace’s unfiltered potty mouth and adult humor shine bright, even in the face of cancer, setting the tone for a unique and heartwarming tale.

During a covert cigarette break in the laundry room, Grace crosses paths with the equally waggish Mido, a resident grappling with Alzheimer’s, played with charm by Sayed Badreya. Their instant connection forms the backbone of the narrative, filled with mischievous energy, companionship, and desire.

The plot takes a whimsical turn when the duo stumbles upon a magical pool in the care home, offering them the chance to revisit their youthful looks. This discovery not only adds a layer of hilarity to the story but also serves as a poignant metaphor for the enduring spirit of love despite the challenges of aging and ill health.

Flo Wilson and Sayed Badreya deliver exceptional performances, breathing life into their characters with a perfect balance of humor and heart. Afifi’s commendable British humor shines through in the writing, infusing the narrative with wit and charm. Cinematographer Linda Wu’s work is laudable, capturing the essence of the story with well-framed shots in high quality.

‘Jellyfish and Lobster’ is an inspiring and witty short film that transcends the boundaries of age and health, leaving the audience both moved and thoroughly entertained.

Jellyfish and Lobster Short Film


Runtime: 20 min
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