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The Atomic Dream

A sci-fi fantasy that explores nuclear anxiety in the wake of Kennedy’s assassination.


Written and directed by Angad Aulakh, and produced by Guy Kent, ‘The Atomic Dream’ is a science fiction short that delves into one woman’s absolute certainty of imminent nuclear armageddon. Set in 1963, in the chilling aftermath of President Kennedy’s assassination and in a tense period of nuclear anxiety, the film – which is entirely shot in one-location – explores Sophia’s eccentric behaviour and presumed paranoia.

Marchand Storch leads the cast as the central character, Sophia, with Guy Kent co-starring as her estranged son-in-law, Frank. The narrative is disturbingly timely, due to present-day nuclear fear. A captivating tale that you won’t forget in a hurry.

The 10-minute film opens with Sophia consumed to rolling current affairs on her TV-set. The audience will be quick to challenge her mental stability, due to her solitary existance, comical profanity, alcohol use and her peculiar exchanges with Rodney – a cute teddy bear that is alleged to provide her with secret intel. Sophia is wholeheartedly convinced of an impending nuclear attack. The whimsical character set-up is amplified further when Frank show’s up and probes her wild absurdities.

Angad Aulakh has crafted an extraordinary piece of filmmaking that will throw the audience sideways. Dark humour is agilely intertwined with the themes of conspiracy and mental health, which gives the film a unique flavour. Marchand Storch’s portrayal as Sophia is flawlessly executed, delivering an outlandish quality that seals the film’s fate. Guy Kent’s performance as Frank is equally commendable – with an admirable ability to balance skepticism and compassion.

Visually, the film is masterfully produced with stellar cinematography (Charlie Wuppermann) and period-accurate production design. Sound, post-production and special effects are superbly orchestrated from start-to-finish. ‘The Atomic Dream’ is an extraordinary film that deserves an abundance of acclaim and attention. Highly recommended.

The Atomic Dream Short Sci Fi Fantasy Film


Runtime: 10 min
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