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An Orange from Jaffa

A tension-filled drama that lays bare the harsh reality of Israeli checkpoints.


Mohammed Almughanni’s short drama film offers a glimpse into the harrowing realities faced by Palestinians at Israeli checkpoints. In this tightly-woven narrative, viewers are thrust into the tense confines of Farouk’s taxi, where the desperate urgency of Mohammed’s journey to reach his mother across the checkpoint unfolds with palpable intensity.

Samer Bisharat’s portrayal of Mohammed exudes raw emotion, capturing the palpable fear and determination of a man caught in the crosshairs of geopolitical turmoil. Kamel El Basha’s portrayal of Farouk adds an extra depth to the narrative, his apprehension mirroring the broader anxieties inherent in daily life under occupation.

The film’s thematic resonance is unmistakable, delving unabashedly into themes of racial discrimination and prejudice that pervade the Israeli-Palestinian landscape. Through nuanced performances and deft storytelling, Almughanni shines a spotlight on the pervasive fears and uncertainties that define Palestinian existence.

Maciej Edelman’s cinematography lends an intimate and immersive quality to the film, situating audiences squarely within the cramped confines of the taxi as tensions mount. His minimalist approach underscores the urgency of Mohammed’s plight, inviting viewers to share in his fraught journey.

In its brevity, this short film manages to encapsulate the profound complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, offering a searing indictment of the injustices faced by Palestinians on a daily basis. Gripping, nerve-wracking, and thought-provoking, Almughanni’s work is a testament to the power of cinema to illuminate the human cost of political strife. ‘An Orange from Jaffa’ is not merely a film; it is a clarion call for empathy and understanding in the face of adversity.

An Orange from Jaffa Short Film Palestine


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