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Creature Comfort

An emotionally charged stop-motion, crafted with precision and heart.


Ryan Oligmueller and Aiden Whittam’s stop-motion collaboration delves into the profound and sensitive theme of mental health and suicide, creating an emotionally charged narrative that will have a strong impact on audiences. The film, mostly devoid of dialogue, relies on character emotions, brought to life through spectacular stop-motion videography.

At the heart of the story is Wol, a peculiar creature awakening in the mysterious woods with distinctive animalistic features – one eye, horns, and an evocative presence. As Wol discovers cuts on his arms, the narrative unravels into a deeply moving exploration of reincarnation, prompting viewers to ponder his past life and untold fate. This leads us into the tumultuous existence of Etten, a troubled and lonely teen whose battle with depression tragically culminates in his death, only to find rebirth in the enigmatic form of Wol.

The film is emotional, upsetting, and beautifully written. Oligmueller and Whittam tackle the saliant subject matter with poignancy, certain to elicit powerful emotions from its viewers. The eccentric aesthetics of the film are truly remarkable, showcasing well-crafted design and artistic brilliance throughout. The sound design enhances the immersive experience. In its entirety, this animation stands as a poignant and powerful journey into the complexities of mental health. Unmissable.

Creature Comfort Short Stop Motion Animation Film


Runtime: 11 min
Genre: ,

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