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David Again

An inspiring tale of a life-long friendship and the challenges in-between.


Adam Elliott’s documentary jumps into the profound struggle with addiction faced by David Dennis, weaving a narrative of resilience, friendship, and recovery. Despite the tragic interruption caused by David’s untimely passing during production, the film ends up becoming a poignant tribute of man who overcame his struggles.

The intimate portrayal of David’s battle with drugs and alcohol becomes a source of inspiration as viewers witness his triumphant journey to sobriety. Jon Cryer, David’s lifelong friend and acclaimed actor, pays a heartfelt tribute to his childhood companion, candidly revealing how David’s charismatic personality served as a wellspring of inspiration in Cryer’s own cinematic creations. Cryer reflects on the influence David had on his iconic roles, such as Duckie in ‘Pretty in Pink’ and the narrative inspiration for ‘Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God… Be Back by Five’ in 1998.

As mentioned, the film gears off on an unexpected turn as David’s passing may shock the audience, just as they are beginning to be charmed by his charisma. However, his death becomes a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment. Despite the sorrowful turn of events, the documentary remains a tale of survival and recovery, with David having achieved four years of sobriety before his natural passing.

The film doesn’t solely focus on David; it also pays tribute to Artie, another childhood friend whose life was claimed by addiction-related complications. Elliott weaves together interviews, incorporating Cryer’s insights and memories, creating a moving and beautiful piece. Brian Miller’s cinematography adds depth to the storytelling, making this doc a compelling journey of a friendship – one marked by personal challenges and triumph. Highly recommended.

David Again Short Documentary Film


Runtime: 17 min

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