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A visually captivating short that invites viewers into the stirring psyche of a coffee addict.


Ian Joy’s short film, a captivating exploration of addiction, unfolds as a visual feast adorned with impeccable sound design and striking color grading. Malik Clement, in a compelling performance, embodies the sole character grappling with a profound addiction to coffee. From the moment he awakens, the realization of a dwindling coffee supply prompts a journey outside, revealing the struggle to break free from dependence.

Joy’s narrative unfolds seamlessly without the need for dialogue, relying on the prowess of cinematography to convey the character’s intense psyche. The post-production techniques employed are nothing short of masterful, intercutting scenes with a brewing coffee machine to accentuate the character’s inner turmoil. This clever juxtaposition enhances the overall impact, emphasizing the significance of the addiction in our protagonist’s life.

The film’s cinematography is a testament to Joy’s skill, with each frame thoughtfully and beautifully composed. The cinematic color grading adds a layer of depth, enhancing the visual experience. The sound design plays a pivotal role, creating an immersive atmosphere that intensifies the emotional journey.

In essence, Joy has crafted a well-rounded and captivating film that not only sheds light on addiction but also serves as a visual and auditory delight. Malik Clement’s nuanced performance, coupled with the meticulous filmmaking techniques, makes this short film a memorable and thought-provoking experience.

Addicted Short Film


Runtime: 2 min

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