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Unveiling the critical theme of mental turmoil in young Asian-American women.


‘Esme’ directed by Vincent B. Wang and written by Ingrid Chen, is a melancholic animation that delves into the delicate subject of mental health, specifically focusing on the alarming rates of female suicide among Asian-Americans. The film follows Esme, an immigrant in the US, voiced by Annamarie Yang, as she navigates her struggles with the help of her therapist. The narrative unfolds through their poignant conversations, offering viewers a glimpse into Esme’s emotional turmoil.

Running at 3 minutes, the film effectively captures the essence of Esme’s journey, emphasizing the importance of seeking help and highlighting the tools available for overcoming mental health challenges. The craftsmanship of the animation is commendable, skillfully portraying Esme’s world and emotions. The incorporation of a familiar classical music piece enhances the emotional depth of the film, resonating with the audience.

‘Esme’ is a significant and timely exploration of mental health, shedding light on the often overlooked issue of suicide within the Asian-American community. The inclusion of Mandarin subtitles broadens its accessibility, making it an impactful and inclusive viewing experience. The short manages to deliver a compelling narrative that is both encouraging and thought-provoking, ultimately emphasizing the importance of seeking support and fostering conversations around mental health.

Esme Short Animation Film


Runtime: 3 min
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