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Open Door

An elevator plunge thrusts two colleagues into a chilling mystery in this gripping thriller.


Kevin Cate’s short thriller, confined entirely within the space of a skyscraper’s elevator, takes audiences on a heart-stopping descent from the 82nd floor, brilliantly portrayed by the talented duo of Sean Anthony Baker and Mia Matthews. The narrative takes an unexpected turn as the plummeting journey reveals a mysterious -83 below ground, setting the stage for an enthralling and suspenseful experience.

Baker and Matthews deliver commendable performances, infusing the film with genuine tension and emotion. The well-crafted lighting and sound design further elevate the immersive atmosphere, enhancing the viewer’s engagement with the unfolding events. Pete Chiaramonte’s cinematic-style cinematography stands out, capturing the intensity of the situation with striking visuals.

Despite its fleeting narrative and short runtime, the film succeeds in hooking the audience, particularly with its intriguing science fiction-themed climax. Cate’s storytelling prowess is evident as he weaves a gripping tale that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. This neat short film is a testament to the power of concise storytelling and expert filmmaking, leaving a lasting impression with its suspenseful plot, compelling performances, and skillful technical execution.

Open Door Short Thriller Film


Runtime: 4 min
Genre: ,

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