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Put Your Cart Away

Blending dark comedy and absurdity, an offbeat tale of carts and consequences.


In Kevin Cate’s dark satire, the mundane act of abandoning a shopping cart spirals into a surreal and vengeful comedy in which Will Beinbrink’s life takes a bizarre turn. The film, enriched by a cameo from Sebastian Davis of Cart Narcs fame, known for his confrontational YouTube videos, seamlessly blends dark humor with an edgy, offbeat narrative.

Beinbrink delivers a commendable performance as a man teetering on the brink of chaos, and his portrayal adds depth to the film’s comedic absurdity. The chaos unleashed by the vengeful shopping cart not only wreaks havoc on his life but also sends shockwaves through his family, creating a wild and unpredictable tale.

Pete Chiaramonte’s cinematography elevates the production with a professional touch, capturing the madness and mayhem with precision. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously, embracing its darkly comical and surreal elements with a refreshing lack of restraint. The collaboration between production design, sound, and lighting deserves a nod for contributing to the overall quality of the film.

In this short yet entertaining piece, Cate crafts a story that is both funny and dark, leaving audiences amused by its eccentricity. With a unique premise, strong performances, and impeccable technical elements, the film successfully delivers an offbeat and enjoyable cinematic experience.

Put Your Cart Away Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 5 min
Genre: ,

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