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Remi & Julie

A romantic comedy set during COVID-19 in Melbourne.


Directed by Patrick Marion from a script by Patrick & Anthony Marion, ‘Remi & Julie’ is short comedy film that explores a courtship during Coronavirus restrictions in Melbourne, Australia. Starring Carlotta Migliolo as Julie and Matt Da Via as Remi, the film delves into the effects of mandatory guidelines during their romantic dates. Additional roles are portrayed by John Cooper. Despite it’s endearing narrative, with several comical elements, the plot is woefully foreseen and is regrettably crushed by amateur technicality.

The 12-minute short opens with two hopeful singletons, Remi and Julie, matching on Tinder – just as government restriction are imposed. Despite the setback, they agree to meet secretly – which is largely ravished by Remi’s intense behavior in following the rules. The comedy persists with Remi’s adherent conduct, which will certainly reward viewers with a few belly-laughs. Frustratingly, the narrative fails to develop any further.

Carlotta Migliolo and Matt Da Via deliver acceptable performances throughout, despite the disengaging plot. Visually, the short is filmed with little attention to craftmanship, with unsightly cinematography and post-production. Sound is equally substandard. In spite of the technical mishaps, the audience can expect drabs of entertainment along the way. International audiences may struggle with certain aspects of Melbournian satire.

Remi and Julia


Runtime: 12 min
Genre: ,

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