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For Existing

A heart-wrenching watch that delves into the consequences of profound loneliness on mental health.


Christopher Ryan’s short film is a highly experimental yet deeply poignant exploration of teenage loneliness and the desperate search for connection. The narrative centers around two isolated teenagers who, despite being strangers, gradually reveal the profound yearning for companionship and social interaction that plagues their lives. The juxtaposition of their struggles with vibrant imagery of a carefree group of friends serves as a stark reminder of the contrast between their existence.

As the film unfolds, ‘For Existing’ takes a dark turn, delving into the psychological torment caused by their overwhelming loneliness. Symbolic imagery weaves throughout the narrative, providing a visceral and captivating representation of the characters’ emotional turmoil. The absence of dialogue doesn’t hinder the storytelling; instead, it allows the audience to immerse themselves in the visual language of pain and isolation.

Ryan’s directorial skill is evident in the cinematography on display. Despite the use of flashing and flickering images, the film maintains a solid grip on conveying the characters’ emotions. Keely Johnston and Samantha Oo deliver commendable performances, effortlessly tapping into the depths of their characters’ suffering. Ultimately, this is a haunting and unsettling watch that resonates with its audience, offering a raw and visceral portrayal of the mental toll inflicted by profound loneliness.

For Existing Short Film


Runtime: 7 min

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