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Wild Gemenc: Autumn Odyssey

Discover the wonders of Hungary’s Gemenc Forest, exploring its diverse wildlife and ecosystem.


Simon A. Bomb’s wildlife documentary offers a glimpse into the autumnal ecosystem of Hungary’s Gemenc Forest. Through well framed cinematography, viewers are transported into the natural world that is teeming with life. The film introduces the diverse inhabitants, from majestic red stags with antlers resembling branches to the bustling boars, the great tit bird, and the serene ducks adorning the lakeside.

The documentary’s strength lies in its ability to immerse audiences in the intricacies of nature. While the overly poetic narration by Jake Parr adds valuable insight, it may verge on the verbose for some viewers, detracting slightly from the overall experience. However, for nature enthusiasts and those eager to delve deeper into the forest ecosystem, Parr’s narration provides valuable context and understanding.

Bomb’s low-budget production is an educational and visually appealing journey that celebrates the splendour of the wild. Despite the excessive narration, the film does serve as an important reminder to preserve our natural heritage for future generations.

Wild Gemenc Autumn Odyssey


Runtime: 9 min

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