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Broken Records

An insightful documentary on the quest to break the World Record for the Longest Stand-Up Comedy show.


Barry Simmons’ short documentary, chronicling the ambitious attempt of a group of comedians led by Chad Riden to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Stand-Up Comedy show, delivers an engaging and insightful look into the world of aspiring professional comedians. The film, featuring talents such as Carter Glascock, Joe Kelley, Mary Jay Berger, Josh Wagner, and DJ Buckley, not only showcases snippets of the record-breaking event but also delves into the personalities behind the microphone.

As the documentary unfolds, viewers are treated to a glimpse of the struggles and determination that drive these comedians to pursue their dreams. Two days into the marathon comedy show, a technical mishap necessitates a reset of the initially set 8-day goal. This unexpected twist only intensifies the audience’s support for Riden and his team, creating a more compelling narrative.

The film’s wit and humor, as expected from a documentary about comedians, are complemented by the skilled cinematography of David Poag, contributing to a well-crafted production. The professionalism in wrapping up the documentary adds a finishing touch, leaving viewers with a satisfying and insightful experience into the challenging yet humorous reality of the lives of these aspiring comedians. Barry Simmons has successfully captured the essence of the comedic journey with this entertaining and skillfully executed short film.

Broken Records Comedy Documentary Short Film


Runtime: 22 min

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