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A riveting whodunit that unravels unrighteous family drama.


Written and directed by Quinn P Smith, ‘Camila’ is a short thriller film that bids to uncover the mysterious death of a young woman. Set in Cape God, Massachusetts, with frequent time jumps, the narrative explores the brewing marital affair of the deceased and the interrogation of the alleged offender. Nick Psinakis leads the cast as Bruce, with Luciana Faulhaber as the eponymous character, Camilla. Additional cast include; Tyler Haines as Mark and Marguerite Gioia Insolia as Sandra. A gripping whodunit that is certain to keep viewers on tenterhooks.

The 21-minute film opens with tranquil scenery along the coast of Cape God. Serenity quickly diminishes upon the discovery of Camila’s blood-stained corpse. Bruce, Camila’s husband and former convict, is brought in for questioning as the prime suspect. The narrative time-hops to two days prior, as we uncover Camila’s secret affair with Mark (Bruce’s cop brother) – which leads to a complex tale of family tension and high drama – undoubtedly leaving viewers mystified by the killer’s identity.

Under Quinn P Smith’s stellar direction, ‘Camila’ is a well-crafted and entertaining watch from start-to-finish. The mystery element of the narrative is highly intricate, albeit thoroughly absorbing. A stand out performance by Nick Psinakis is certain to stir, with equally commendable performances by Luciana Faulhaber, Tyler Haines and Marguerite Gioia Insolia. Cinematography, lighting and post-production is of a cinematic standard that deserves high praise and acclaim. Without spoiling the narrative climax, a feasible continuation would certainly be welcome. Highly recommended.

Camila - Short Film


Runtime: 21 min
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