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A Smaller Big Bang

A comedic take on marital discord with an action-style twist.


Jeff Perreca‘s ‘A Smaller Big Bang’ delivers a punchy blend of action, comedy, and romance in a compact yet exhilarating package. From the outset, Gabriel Fonseca and Louiza Zouzias electrify the screen with their palpable chemistry, portraying Dustin and Caroline, a married couple on the brink of irreparable discord. The tension between is heightened by the revelation that both have assassins gunning for each other’s demise – at the same time.

Enter John L. Curtis and Djaka Souare as Leonard and Tara, the quirky representatives thrown into the fray to mediate the couple’s deadly dispute. What unfolds is a riotous and unexpected sequence of events that keeps viewers on the edge while having a hearty laugh. Perreca navigates the delicate balance between absurdity and sincerity, crafting a narrative that resonates on both emotional and comedic levels.

The impeccable dynamic between the actors lends authenticity to their performances, breathing life into characters that could easily have veered into caricature territory. Russell Kawaguchi’s cinematography captures the essence of each scene with skill, enhancing the film’s comedic timing and visual appeal.

With its sharp wit, flawless dynamics, and well crafted humor, Perreca’s film is a cinematic gem that promises to leave audiences thoroughly entertained. ‘A Smaller Big Bang’ is a delightful rollercoaster ride of laughter, action, and romance that is not to be missed.

A Small Big Bang Short Film


Runtime: 9 min
Genre: ,


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