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An action-packed short about survival, family protection and politics.


Written and directed by Emmaus Nakagawa, ‘Treason’ is a short action film starring Colin Taylor (Vladimir) – a Russian citizen faced with a hostile predicament over patriotism, family protection and aiding a fugitive. Sean Mansfield co-stars as the fugitive, with Kenny Lam as the general. Michael Helfrich completes the cast as Ivan – Vladimir’s young son. In spite of upstanding technicality throughout – adept cinematography (Nick Green) and sound (Camden Gradwell) – the film is flawed with inauthentic locations and weak acting delivery – which is certain to thwart viewing engagement.

The 10-minute film, which is supposed to be set in 1980’s Siberian Russia, opens with a fugitive on the run from a Neo-Nazi regime. The fugitive finds refuge in a residential garage where he is quickly held at gunpoint by the owner (Vladimir), prior to military approach. Vladimir, in an effort to protect his adolescent son and the fugitive, is now faced with tense conflict from the general.

Despite having a promising log line, the narrative is torn apart by phoney performances and unconvincing locations – the film is distinctly produced in the United States (and obiously not in the 1980s) – which regrettably leads to viewer disbelief. The fight choreography is comically amateur with implausible special effects and prop-artistry. The entire film lacks attention to detail – which is essential in build suspense, thrill and make-belief. A re-record that would correct the before mentioned flaws will certainly result in riveting viewing.

Treason Short Film


Runtime: 10 min

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