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Vince: The Punctual Vagrant

A drama that unveils the hidden beauty within society’s marginalized.


Sarah Falkiner‘s short drama offers a raw exploration of urban homelessness through the lens of Vince (Mike Green) and his makeshift family of fellow homeless individuals, portrayed compellingly by Arch Harmon as George and Adria Dawn as Cindy. The narrative delves into their daily struggles, highlighting the lack of societal support and respect amidst their evident mental health challenges and addiction.

Despite their hardships, the film exudes a sense of community warmth with an offbeat style. The character of Cindy’s, whose past felony conviction complicates her ability to access social support, adds a layer of complexity to the portrayal of homelessness. What truly elevates the film is the exceptional acting, particularly from Mike Green, whose portrayal of Vince is marked by raw authenticity that captivates viewers throughout. Green’s embodiment of Vince’s struggles and resilience adds depth and emotional resonance to the narrative, making it compelling to watch.

The film’s dialogue is peppered with poignant reflections, such as Vince’s statement, “People don’t see the beauty in the trash,” which encapsulates the overarching themes of the film and Vince’s personal artistic endeavor. Through Vince’s creative project, the film underscores the inherent humanity and dignity of individuals often overlooked by society.

Adam Adamus’s cinematography skillfully captures the gritty urban landscape, enhancing the film’s immersive experience. Falkiner’s short film is a beautifully crafted and important contribution to social change, shedding light on the plight of the urban homeless with sensitivity and compassion.

Vince The Punctual Vagrant


Runtime: 25 min


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