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Barwon Mansion

A tale of victimhood, hope and female empowerment.


Written and directed by Mia de Rauch, ‘Barwon Mansion’ is a short drama film that explores the sheltered recovery of a domestic abuse victim. Set in Victoria, Australia – in an imposing stately home – the narrative delves into the refuge and consolation of a fragile woman following her abusive relationship. Clare Hayes leads the cast as Claire, with Alice Howell as Patricia. A poignant tale of female empowerment, mental health and self-love.

The 12-minute short opens with sweeping cinematography (Pete James Ingham) of Barwon Mansion – an opulent manor house that acts as a sanctuary for women fleeing abusive relationships. We are quickly introduced to Claire, afresh from mistreatment, as she opens up – albeit with initial repent – to the resident therapist (Patricia). Throughout the entire drama we witness Claire’s journey of trauma-healing and acceptance – with a meaningfully uplifting climax. The film’s core message of hope, support and non-judgmental divulgence will inspire and encourage many in unfortunate circumstances.

Mia de Rauch deserves high praise and acclaim for her compelling narrative that doesn’t shy away from exploring the woes of victimhood. Clare Hayes and Alice Howell deliver captivating portrayals that is certain to keep viewers engaged from start-to-finish. With awe-inspiring cinematography, production design, sound and editing, ‘Barwon Mansion’ provides cinematic excellence in craftmanship that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not to be missed. Highly recommended.

Barwon Mansion Short Film


Runtime: 12 min

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