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This Body of Mine

An experimental thriller that delves into the paranormal.


Demeiko Beverly’s short film is a captivating and intriguing exploration of the paranormal that is sure to grab the viewer’s attention. Beverly’s portrayal of Clay, the central character who is convinced that something has taken over his bodily functions, is highly engaging and keeps the viewer enthralled from beginning to end.

The low-budget production value of the film adds to its overall charm, and at times the amateur style of the film-making provides a sense of authenticity to the storyline. As we watch Clay recording himself, eating, sleeping and exercising in the hopes of capturing a moment of uncontrolled body movements on camera, we can feel the mounting tension building up, unsure of what will happen next.

What sets the film apart is the fact that it is a one-man show. Beverly’s ability to carry the entire film solely on his performance is a remarkable feat and is a testament to his acting skills. As the tension mounts and the film progresses, you can feel Clay’s desperation to prove that he’s not losing his mind, which adds to the overall suspenseful atmosphere.

In conclusion, Demeiko Beverly’s short film is a captivating thriller that expertly explores the paranormal in an unconventional and highly engaging way. Any fan of the horror/thriller genre will certainly find this film is worth the watch.

This Body of Mine Short Film


Runtime: 22 min

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