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The Rise of Digital Entrepreneurs

Explore the essence of entrepreneurship, innovation, and dynamic collaboration in this inspiring docu-short.


Mei Ling Marzonie’s short documentary provides a compelling glimpse into the captivating narrative behind the co-founders of Mabbly, a Chicago-based digital marketing and branding agency that specializes in guiding companies through growth potentials. The film masterfully encapsulates the essence of entrepreneurship, highlighting the visionary mindset, creative problem-solving, and the exploration of innovative ideas before their time.

Hank Ostholthoff, hailing from Ohio, and Adam Friedman, a Belarussian-American, take center stage in this insightful exploration of their backgrounds. The documentary skillfully delves into their respective upbringings, shedding light on the pivotal moments that fueled their entrepreneurial spirits. The film effectively captures the symbiotic nature of their individual skillsets, showcasing how their combined talents synergize to aid and assist companies in navigating the complex landscape of the market place.

In a concise six-minute runtime, the documentary delivers a powerful message of determination, drive, and ingenuity inherent in the makeup of an entrepreneur. Marzonie skillfully weaves together inspiration and education, offering viewers a window into the world of Mabbly’s founders. Overall, the documentary serves as an inspirational and insightful ode to the entrepreneurial spirit, leaving the audience with a renewed appreciation for the tenacity required to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

The Rise of Digital Entrepreneurs Short Documentary Film


Runtime: 6 min

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