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The Life Between Two Nights

An enthralling and emotionally charged exploration of resilience and perseverance.


‘La vida entre dos noches’, Antonio Cuesta’s poignant short drama, delves into the struggles of a devoted single father, Pepe, portrayed with remarkable depth by José Manuel Poga. Facing the challenges of poverty and the demanding responsibilities of caring for his disabled teenage son, Jesús (Javier Delgado Pérez), Pepe works tirelessly at a local market stall. The film unfolds with a sudden call to work, leaving Pepe scrambling to find someone to care for Jesús. The narrative skillfully unravels societal indifference and the hardships experienced by those in similar circumstances.

Javier Delgado Pérez delivers a moving portrayal of Jesús, capturing the nuances of living with cerebral palsy. Poga’s performance adds a layer of complexity, showcasing both the joy of being with his beloved son and the overwhelming pressures that life imposes. The film beautifully captures the strains and limitations of their daily existence, offering a poignant reflection on the endurance of familial love.

The cinematography by Manuel Montero enhances the emotional depth of the story, creating a visually captivating experience. ‘La vida entre dos noches’ is a captivating watch, skillfully blending social commentary with a heartfelt exploration of the human spirit. With English subtitles, this short film provides a touching and thought-provoking cinematic experience, marked by outstanding performances and a compelling narrative.

La vida entre dos noches The Life Between Two Nights


Runtime: 24 min

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