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A psychological horror about lockdown, grief and revenge.


Directed and produced by Pearls Daily, from a script by Brianna Hurley and Alexandra Warrick, ‘Briar’ is a short horror film that explores the sinister psychology of a young woman in lockdown. Pearls Daily leads the cast as Briar, a filmmaker whose solitary confinement (imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic), fuels a ferocious state of vengeance over the disappearance of her friend. A stylish short, with a gothic atmosphere, that will grip viewers until the closing credits.

The 5-minute film opens with eerie media reports surrounding the pandemic. Briar, haunted by her friend’s disappearance, and grappling with the restraints of a stay-at-home order, finds herself engulfed with homicidal tendencies. Voice messages from her concerned father and phycologist reveal her troubling sanity. A psychological thriller that has an inclination to being open to viewer interpretation.

Arthur Woo (DOP/Editor) delivers remarkable cinematography and post-production that is awe-inspiring to watch. The film has an authentic cinematic quality that will no doubt keep viewers hooked to the perplexing narrative. Daily’s performance as the central protagonist is immensely entrancing, in spite of the mystifying plot. ‘Briar’, which was entirely crafted during the COVID-19 pandemic, has superior production design from start-to-finish. A riveting ride of suspense. Highly recommended.



Runtime: 5 min

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