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A snapshot of the coastal sea in Marche, Italy.


‘Rumors’ is an experimental micro-short that gives a fleeting insight of the Adriatic Sea off the coastal region of Marche in Italy. The film, which runs for just over a minute, documents the sounds of the rippling water and the seagulls that forage on the surface. Unfortunately, the cinematography and sound are of a vastly mediocre quality that will certainly thwart viewers.

Despite the film’s admirable intensions, viewers will unquestionably be perplexed with the goal of the recording and its narrative purpose. ‘Rumors’ is a painful watch from start-to-finish, both technically and narratively.

Created by Silvia Busacca, the film is shattered by its rock-bottom production value, lack of creative craftsmanship and a hazy narrative focus. Short documentaries that omit a guiding voice-over depend heavily on visuals to convey its intension, but this film falls pitifully short of tolerable.



Runtime: 1 min

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