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Chocolate Milk

A quick-witted dramedy.


Jared Pettit stars as Leo in J.W. Cox’s exceptional comedy drama ‘Chocolate Milk’. The film follows Leo, an aspiring actor who is held hostage by his only fan, Deena (Danielle Meyer). Despite Leo’s lack of success, limited roles and a brutally unsupportive father (Vince Hobart Smith), he has captured the eye a young woman who takes extreme measures to live out her fantasy – to be a “Hollywood power couple”. Olivia Dennis completes the cast as Deena’s friend/roommate Nola.

This 15-minute short primarily explores the theme of obsession. If it weren’t for the quick-witted dialogue and outrageous characterisation, ‘Chocolate Milk’ would slot straight into the psychological thriller genre, but J.W. Cox’s and his leading actors have delivered a fine film that is jampacked with humour throughout.

The film is predominantly set in a garage, with Leo taped to a chair and his psychopathic super-fan overcome with euphoria. The title, ‘Chocolate Milk’, comes from Leo’s favourite drink – as discovered by Deena from his IMDb page. Cinematography and sound live up to expectation and seal the quality of this short.

The short doesn’t take itself too seriously. The ending leaves viewers with a comical surprise, despite the unfolding events. J.W. Cox’s writing should be applauded as does the actors performances. A highly recommended short.

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Runtime: 16 min
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