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The Exorcism of Cedric Daniel Simmons

An experimental parody of ‘The Exorcist’.


‘The Exorcism of Cedric Daniel Simmons’ is an experimental horror-comedy that tries to parody the classic horror film “The Exorcist”. Unfortunately, the production value and cinematography are bizarre, amateurish and off-putting. The humor falls short and fails to be funny, making some of the gory and grotesque scenes come across as unpleasant and unnecessary.

While the dialogue is highly explicit and grotesque, it fails to offer any witty or clever delivery. The acting is somewhat average but nothing remarkable. Unfortunately, the editing and sound design are also subpar, leading to dragging scenes and an overall sluggish pacing that is hard to sit through.

In conclusion, ‘The Exorcism of Cedric Daniel Simmons’ is a low-budget horror film, but the technical limitations and uninspired attempts at humor hinder the film’s potential. Its explicit content and grotesque scenes might appeal to fans of crude humor, but for others looking for a more nuanced and enjoyable horror-comedy experience, this film may miss the mark.

The Exoricism


Runtime: 10 min

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