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The Audition

A poignant drama that explores an actor’s recovery with addiction.


Written and directed by Geno DiMaria, ‘The Audition’ is a short drama film that explores the internal struggle of a recovering alcoholic. Eric Galloway stars as the central protagonist, Bruce, who’s personal strife is provoked during a self-taped acting audition. Reagan Tankersley and Emma Rose co-star in off-screen roles. The film is a captivating watch that gives an unflinching account of post-addiction life and the perpetual triggers that can overwhelm.

The 9-minute film, which utilizes the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio, opens with Bruce laboring his way through a scripted audition recording. As anguish and inability engulf his performance, Bruce reaches out to his sponsor for solace – where we learn of his shared resemblance to the fictional character. Equipped with a new lease of strength, Bruce carries on with the audition in spite of its purgative effects.

Geno DiMaria has crafted an immersive piece of filmmaking that underpins the necessity of emotional support and friendship during recovery from an addiction. Eric Galloway delivers a remarkable, albeit emotionally stirring portrayal that warrants high acclaim and appreciation. The narrative is masterfully structured that will certainly aid viewer engagement until the closing credits. Reagon Tankersley’s performance is equally commendable and profoundly heartwarming. Visually, cinematography is of a high quality cinematic standard, wrapped up with neat audio and musical soundtrack. ‘The Audition’ is a heart-rending, inspirational and a poignant testament to those in recovery. Highly recommended viewing.

The Audition


Runtime: 9 min

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