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Discover the whimsical and moral wants/needs of humanity in this offbeat and thought-provoking short.


Craig Ebbrell and Jack Turner’s experimental short ventures into the realm of the eccentric and the existential, crafting a narrative that unfolds in layers of oddity and introspection. David Collings’ portrayal of a man stranded on a desolate coastal beach, adorned with a seagull mask, sets the stage for a surreal journey into the depths of human desires and moral quandaries.

The introduction of an AI voice-over, reciting a cacophony of needs and wants ranging from the mundane to the absurd, adds a surreal twist to the narrative. Amidst this chaotic backdrop, snippets of archival footage depicting humanity’s triumphs and tribulations are woven in, offering glimpses into the tapestry of human history.

What emerges is a tapestry of themes that invite contemplation and interpretation. The film delves into the complexities of human nature, exploring our insatiable desires and the consequences of our actions on the fragility of our world.

Viewer interpretation is paramount in this cinematic venture, as the narrative weaves through the peculiarities of our collective past. However, a discernible theme emerges – an underlying score depicting the chaos within our fragile world, ignited by our excessive tendencies.

In its bold experimentation and thought-provoking narrative, Craig Ebbrell and Jack Turner’s short film serves as a poignant reminder of the intricacies of the human condition and the interconnectedness of our collective experience.

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mELT Short Experimental Film


Runtime: 5 min

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