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A tranquil beach day turns into a whimsical encounter with eccentric characters.


In Bruna Arbex’s avant-garde narrative, Gabriella Klein shines as Molly, guiding audiences through a riveting exploration of eccentricity and spiritual metamorphosis in a secluded beach setting. As Molly seeks solace in isolation, her tranquility is disrupted by a motley crew of unconventional beachgoers, featuring a skier, a bikini-clad man, and a rollerblader, adding an unexpected layer of bemusement to her narrative.

The tension heightens with the arrival of an alien, portrayed with enigmatic brilliance by Nixon James, catalyzing a profound shift in Molly’s perspective towards inclusivity. Arbex’s storytelling, though offbeat and quirky, carries a potent message that resonates with clarity and a distinctive narrative angle. The film is a testament to the commendable performances of the entire cast, including Klein, who navigates the edgy and experimental terrain with captivating skill.

Azael Flores’s cinematography stands out for its meticulous framing, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the film. The inclusion of an animated segment, skillfully brought to life by Phoebe Parsons, adds a dynamic dimension to the characters’ enlightenment moments, amplifying the film’s impact. In its brevity, Arbex’s creation manages to encapsulate a powerful and resonant story, leaving a lasting impression with its unique blend of humor, eccentricity, and a profound message of embracing diversity.

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Runtime: 11 min

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