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Too Rough

A gut-wrenching drama that explores the harsh realities of homophobia, social neglect, and abuse.


Sean Lìonadh’s short film delivers a gut-wrenching portrayal of domestic violence, transcending the confines of a conventional narrative to become a powerful exploration of human struggles against adversity and societal neglect. The story follows Nick (Ruriadh Mollica), whose impromptu decision to bring his boyfriend Charlie (Joshua Griffin) home unravels a haunting reality of abuse, homophobia, and social deprivation. As Nick battles fear, shame, and anxiety, the film tactfully uncovers the harsh truths within his household.

Andrew O’Connor’s cinematography is a standout element, capturing the emotional nuances with intimacy. The camera becomes a silent witness to the characters’ pain, enhancing the storytelling and immersing the audience in the visceral experience. Griffin’s portrayal of Charlie is extraordinary, delivering vulnerability that resonates deeply and goes beyond the label of a “gay-themed” tale. His authentic performance serves as the emotional anchor, allowing viewers to empathize with the universal struggles depicted.

The film’s brilliance lies in its ability to address disturbing themes with delicacy, prompting reflection rather than mere shock. Lìonadh’s storytelling, complemented by the exceptional cast and crew, transforms this short film into a powerful cinematic experience. It goes beyond being a narrative; it becomes a call for empathy, understanding, and societal change.

‘Too Rough’ lingers in the viewer’s consciousness, prompting contemplation on the shadows society often ignores. This film emerges as a compelling and unforgettable exploration of human resilience in the face of adversity, leaving a profound and lasting impact on its audience.

Too Rough Gay Short Film


Runtime: 16 min
Genre: ,

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