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A witty comedy that turns societal absurdities into uproarious entertainment.


Andres Irias’s short comedy film provides a satirical exploration of social media culture, delving into the absurdity of a young woman allegedly shooting a thief with her fingers. The film boasts a stellar ensemble cast, each contributing a unique flavor to the narrative. Set entirely in one location, the storyline unfolds within the woman’s friendship group, whose curiosity about her peculiar act leads to a comical and suspenseful ride with a surprising climax.

The woman’s finger-gun incident, captured on social media, becomes a trending topic, cleverly highlighting the nature of our Instagram-obsessed way of life. The script is well-written, exhibiting sharp wit and a touch of offbeat humor, making it thoroughly entertaining. The film effectively mocks societal norms, offering a humorous commentary on contemporary values.

Elias Andres’s cinematography adds to the film’s charm, employing neat framing to capture the intensity of the ensemble cast’s performances. The real-time setting enhances the immediacy of the narrative, keeping the audience engaged throughout. Overall, this funny and socially relevant short film successfully blends humor with insightful commentary, providing a fresh take on the quirks of our digital age.

Ladyfinger Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 8 min
Genre: ,

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