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An ensemble drama that delves into addiction and criminality.


Directed by Darrius Mylze Johnson, from a script by Steven Rashan, ‘Addiction’ is a short drama film that delves into the backstory of three AA meeting attendees and their interlinking connection. Starring Alyssa Nicole Brown as Sue, Chico Dusty as Troy and NBS Malay as Vita, the narrative explores themes of addiction, brotherhood and criminality and as is constructed of a wider ensemble cast. A gritty tale that moderately unravels throughout the 31-minute runtime.

The short opens with the three new AA members in attendance of a group meeting. Sue, Troy and Vita reluctantly divulge their reasons for attending. The film utilizes flashback scenes to examine each of the characters infringement with the law. As the narrative plays out, it becomes apparent that they were all apprehended by the same detectives on the same night.

Johnson and Rashan have crafted a riveting tale that doesn’t shy away from exploring drug culture and criminal behavior. Despite a promising start, the film is flawed with excessive dialogue, redundant co-stars and weak sound recording. The runtime for ‘Addiction’ is overly lengthy and would benefit from a few cuts here and there. Having said that, the cinematography is of a reasonable standard – which is neatly wrapped up with quality post-production. Acting delivery from the entire ensemble is of a praiseworthy standard that will ensure viewer engagement is maintained. A worthy watch.

Addiction Short Film


Runtime: 31 min
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