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That’s Just Rocks

A heartwarming comedic tale about a search for love.


Written and directed by John Strelec, ‘That’s Just Rocks’ is an offbeat short comedy film that delves into one man’s pursuit of his “one true and perfect love” in spite of his recent memory loss. John Strelec leads the cast as the eccentric protagonist Herman, who finds himself lost within his own identity – yet holding on to the hope of finding his dream partner. Jeni Reed co-stars as his undervalued sister – who he has no memory or recollection of. An endearing tale that highlights our soulful humanity, innocence and romantic aspirations.

The 18-minute comedy opens with Herman sitting with a head-wound at his sister Marsha’s doorstep. In spite of her concerns, Marsha assists him with the search for the woman of his dreams – a woman who he saw picking up dog poo prior to his head injury. Throughout the search, Herman’s adolescent behavior grows increasingly erratic – which is certain to provide a few belly laughs.

John Strelec delivers an outlandish, albeit wickedly funny performance throughout the entire film. The characterization of Herman is masterfully crafted with witty dialogue and quirky actions. Jeni Reed’s portrayal as Marsha is equally commendable – along with Strelec they deliver a stellar comedic partnership. Technically, the short is constructed with spectacular cinematography, post-production and sound – which is certain to aid the viewing experience. A touching love story with a heartwarming conclusion. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 18 min
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