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An experimental film about loneliness and the inner voice.


Written and directed by Olyvia Joan, ‘Panacea’ is an experimental short film that taps into loneliness, solitude and fear – from the perspective of an isolated frog. Throughout the narrative, Olyvia Joan delivers a voice-over monologue as the frog – examining the frog’s emotional state of mind. Visually, the film is constructed with a montage of imagery of deserted urban life, where most of the population have mysteriously disappeared. A poignant tale that illustrates the importance of social connection and community for mental well-being.

Throughout the 4-minute film, the frog ponders over the unexpected serenity and quietude. The pleasure of harmony is quickly interrupted by the frog’s ambivalence – as trepidation, desolation and anxiety begins to overwhelm. The narrative is essentially about the conflicting deliberation of your inner voice, which is typically intensified in seclusion.

Olyvia Joan has crafted a neat production with a poetic underbelly. The partially animated film has symbolic cinematography throughout – aiding the overall theme perfectly. Joan’s artistic stoicism deserves high acclaim – showcased by the deserted urban landscapes. The musical soundtrack, composed by Owen Kenney, is equally commendable and flows nicely with the visuals. The animation of the protagonist (the frog) is finely mastered, albeit brief. The ambient sounds of nature are also recorded to a high spec. ‘Panacea’ is a decent short worth the 4-minute watch.

Panacea Short Film


Runtime: 4 min

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