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In Your Arms Tonight

A gripping family drama about betrayal, jealousy and guilt.


Written and directed by Jonathan Gonzales, ‘In Your Arms Tonight’ – also known as ‘En Tus Brazos Esta Noche’- is short drama film that delves into the marital affair between an affluent family-man and his house maid. Produced in the Spanish language, the narrative touches on the backstory of the fling and the repercussions for the entire family. Starring Patricia Montes as Sayra, the housemaid, and Hector Dez as Andrés, the film explores themes of jealousy, betrayal and regret.

The 24-minute film opens with Andrés and Sayra in the midst of their secret affair, albeit under watchful suspicion from his wife, Maribel (Veronica Perez-Torres). The affair was fueled by Maribel’s traumatic sexual assault – where Andrés felt sexually and emotionally neglected. The narrative explores the rebuilding of their marriage and Sayra’s surprising romance with Andrés’ son – where a shocking family secret stays buried.

Jonathan Gonzales has crafted a riveting family drama that has an essence of soap opera dramatics. The entire cast deliver profound performances – particularly from Patricia Montes (Sayra). The class, wealth and power dynamics are well engineered throughout the entire narrative – which brings a level of empathy for Sayra that wouldn’t normally exist. Visually, the film is finely produced with reasonable cinematography and post-production. Sound is equally commendable. A narrative twist during the concluding scene could possibly spark interest for a continuation. A gripping watch. Highly recommended.

In Your Arms Tonight Short Film


Runtime: 24 min
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