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A love letter to Bourke. An artistic masterpiece.


Nicholas Tory’s 20-minute animation ‘Lifeblood’ is a love-letter to Bourke – a remote town 780km North West of Sydney, New South Wales in Australia.

‘Lifeblood’ is an extraordinary artistic effort in animation, sound effects and music. This short film rewards viewers with a truly mesmerising viewing experience and follows the towns journey through history up until present day. Nardi Simpson guides the narrative as narrator which is as hypnotic and dream-like as the animation itself. The animation gloriously showcases the towns natural tranquillity, deserted wilderness and picturesque landscapes.

As the film opens, we learn about the origins of the community and the aboriginal women that were forcibly taken from their homes and families by the state (in collaboration with the Church). They arrived in Bourke for missions with little knowledge of the language. As much as the animation is a poetic kiss to the community, it doesn’t shy away from showcasing its haunting past through spiritual (demon-like) forces that fly in the sky. The film explores the Darling River – a once pivotal trade-route and how the community taught people to be alone in the world, but never alone within the community.

‘Lifeblood’ is short film that you won’t forget in a hurry. A creative masterpiece that deserves high praise. Emotive writing from Nicholas Tory, Aunty Dot Martin, Jonathan Nix and Phil Sullivan as well as stellar animation and artistic design guarantee its success. A film made in honour and recognition of all tribes, clans and language groups of the region. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 20 min

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