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A heartwarming documentary about male mental health post COVID-19.


Directed by Carlo Mole, ‘Ruffian’ is a short documentary that explores the objectives of a male barber in a post-COVID-19 society. The film examines the mental health of the young barber, his craftsmanship, and the interpersonal relationship he has with his clients. A heartwarming tale of creative anxiety, community support and brotherhood.

The 4-minute short, filmed blazingly by Max Montgomery, introduces us to a newcomer into the hairdressing profession. Inflicted by the COVID-19 lockdowns in the United Kingdom, the barber speaks about his mental fragility – sparked by isolation and fear of losing his handiwork. Thankfully, a hair styling mannequin was able to fill the creative gap. As lockdown rules relax, the barber returns to work at Ruffians where he finds himself in a new role – a comforting ear to his clients personal trials. A poignant piece of filmmaking that highlights the necessity of community life.

Carlo Mole has created an endearing documentary that acts as a salient awareness campaign to male mental health. The participating subjects deserve high praise for sharing their personal stories – showcasing the importance a trip to the barbershop can be to alleviate emotional fatigue. Cinematography, sound and post-production are of a cinematic standard – which is certain to keep viewers engaged with the topic at hand. Highly recommended viewing.

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Runtime: 4 min

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