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Read Between the Lines

A charming gay themed rom-com about courage.


Written and directed by Adante Watts, ‘Read Between the Lines’ is a short LGBTQ+ themed romance film that explores a young gay man’s apprehension at asking his crush out on a date. Set entirely in one location, a Barnes & Noble book store, the film delves into themes of friendship, courage, anxiety, sexuality and repudiation. Despite the films romantic plotline, the short is elevated by its enthralling comical underbelly.

Starring Nicholas Di Prima as the central protagonist, Carlos, the plot explores his growing audacity with the support of his best friend, Amari (portrayed by Zephaniah Terry). Additional cast include; Jackson Beard, and Bayley Wolff as the romantic interest. An endearing watch with an authentic narrative conclusion.

The 14-minute rom-com opens with Carlos, an anxious college student, observing his crush (Milo) at his place of work – a popular book store. Throughout the narrative the film probes at his lack of courage, combined with his yearning and trepidation in asking Milo out. Amari, Carlos’ former crush and best friend, acts as his personal cheerleader – building up his confidence with a delicate push.

Adante Watts has delivered a charming short with splendid performances all round. Cinematography, sound, post-production and lighting are of industry level quality that will help to maintain audience engagement. Technicality aside, this adorable short succeeds in its exemplary character development, witty dialogue and terrific casting. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 14 min
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