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Do Not Touch

A tale of guilt and betrayal with an immense comical underbelly.


Directed by James Newman and Harrison Newman, from a screenplay by James Newman, ‘Do Not Touch’ is a short comedy film that explores the public and personal humiliation of the central character. Seann Walsh leads the cast as Ben, a young man who finds himself at the mercy of his one-night stand, Claudia (Sofia Engstrand). Charlotte Hamblin co-stars as Rachel, Ben’s girlfriend. The cringe-comedy delves into themes of betrayal and guilt. Due to the main character’s troubling consternation, the narrative is enriched with hilarious scenes of ignominy that will keep viewers engaged and entertained.

The 8-minute film opens with Ben watching a news broadcast about his one-night-stand’s upcoming art exhibition. The controversial showcase, titled ‘Notches on my Bedpost’, highlights Claudia’s previous sexual partners – which startlingly includes Ben. The narrative follows his attempt to remove his “notch” from the display – as his girlfriend is due to attend the presentation.

James and Harrison Newman have crafted a hysterical tale that ridicules the protagonist’s awkward discomfort. Seann Walsh delivers an exemplarily portrayal that is bound to attract high praise and acclaim. Technically, the film is professionally mastered with superb cinematography by Oscar Read. Sound, post-production and production design are nicely orchestrated which is certain to keep viewers tuned in. ‘Do Not Touch’ is an original tale that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Highly recommended.

Do Not Touch


Runtime: 8 min
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