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A rib-tickling dark comedy about an outlandish pregnant woman.


Directed by Bo Barrett, from a screenplay by Barrett and Christina Birdsall, ‘Lucy’ is a short dark comedy that delves into the impropriety and the psychological well-being of a pregnant woman. Christina Birdsall leads the cast as the outlandish eponymous character, with Michelle Luchese and Bo Barrett in supporting roles. Despite its comical undertone, the narrative explores detrimental conducts during pregnancy – such as tobacco and alcohol use. Viewers can expect a startling tale with a few gasping belly-laughs.

The 9-minute film opens with highly amusing dialogue between Lucy and her partner. The outrageous introduction sets the tone for the rest of the comedy, which will certainly keep viewers hooked and enthralled. The narrative makes light of the protagonist’s childbearing physical development, whilst probing at the state of her emotional health. The comedy doesn’t take itself too seriously, nevertheless the film is superbly crafted with an abundance of hilarity from start-to-finish.

Bo Barrett and Christina Birdsall have delivered a remarkable short with a blazing comedic performance by Birdsall. ‘Lucy’ succeeds both narratively and technically, with engaging characterization, dialogue and structure – as well as industry level cinematography and post-production. Sound and music are equally commendable. A thoroughly entertaining watch, albeit moderately disturbing. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 9 min
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