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Beautifully Unlayered

An emotional drama that unravels a woman’s mental health.


Lisa Renée Miller’s drama film is a deeply moving and contemplative exploration of mental health, centered around a young counselor named Angela, played brilliantly by the director herself. The film follows Angela’s journey as she grapples with the emotional challenges of caring for others (in her profession) while neglecting her own struggles.

What sets this film apart is the way it captures the fragile and complex nature of the human psyche, and how we can heal from past traumas. Angela’s transformation is beautifully portrayed, with unexpected help from a hypnotherapist, she takes steps in finding self-love and healing – which has a positive impact on her relationships.

The story is well-crafted, and the acting is strong, with Miller giving a tremendous performance that captures the depth and nuance of Angela’s emotional journey. The supporting cast, including Josh Bartlett as Dr. Peterson, deliver strong performances as well.

The technical aspects of the film are also strong, with impressive cinematography, sound design and editing that effectively capture the film’s somber and reflective tone.

Overall, Lisa Renée Miller’s film is an inspiring and heartwarming work of art that powerfully addresses the importance of mental health. The film successfully captures the importance of seeking help, and the impact it can have on our lives. It is a highly recommended watch, and resonates with anyone seeking encouragement and positivity from a creative medium.

Beautifully Unlayered Short Film


Runtime: 37 min
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