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Carved Into Flesh

An experimental film about grief, identity and siblinghood.


Directed by Sebastian Bertoli, from a script by Jeni Bezuidenhout, ‘Carved Into Flesh’ is an experimental film that examines the siblinghood of two women after the loss of their mother. The quirky narrative is vehemently poetic – exploring their contrasting personalities that were shaped by their late mom. Starring Jeni Bezuidenhout (Milla) and Aimee Sanderson (Michelle), the avant-garde storyline delves into themes of individuality, female empowerment, bereavement and sisterhood.

The 6-minute short, which is set amongst an Australian woodland, opens with an unorthodox exhibition of the sisters laying (in the fetal position) amongst mother nature. With character voice-over narration throughout, the narrative expresses their strife surrounding maternal favoritism and honor. In spite of their knotty tension, unconditional love and unity is absolute.

Sebastian Bertoli and Jeni Bezuidenhout deliver an atypical film that will force the audience to confront their mother’s influence on their own identity, and how it has shaped them into their own parenthood. Bezuidenhout and Sanderson carry out admirable portrayals throughout – which is certain to keep viewers committed till the closing credits.

Visually, the film is well crafted with stellar cinematography and lighting – wrapped up with commendable sound and post-production. In summary, ‘Carved Into Flesh’ is a heartwarming, albeit unconventional tale that will spark self-contemplation with the viewing audience. Highly recommended.

Carved Into Flesh Short Film


Runtime: 7 min

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