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Three Kings

A chilling tale of teenage angst, grief and paranormal experimentation.


Written and directed by James DeAngelis, ‘Three Kings’ is a short horror film that probes the ingrained adolescent grief of two teenage friends. Starring James DeAngelis as Jack and David Vaides as Edgar, the narrative delves into their pursuit of the paranormal in the form of spiritual gameplay. The short delves into themes of abuse, loss, friendship and mental health. A chilling tale that doesn’t shy away from exploring curiosity of the afterlife entwined with teenage angst and depression.

The 19-minute film opens with Jack under hostile scrutiny by Edgar’s abusive father, suggesting Jack’s negative influence on his grief-stricken son. Edgar’s father’s disparaging behavior stipulates how life-altering tragedy has affected the entire family. After Jack suggests they undertake a paranormal ritual, known as the Three Kings, Edgar’s is faced with psychological torment as his deceased mother begins to surface.

James DeAngelis has crafted a riveting tale about teenage bereavement with a deeply sinister undertone. DeAngelis and Vaides deliver commendable performances throughout that engulf the psyche of teenage affliction and experimentation. With adept cinematography by Lukas Zanoli, with high quality sound, lighting and post-production, the short is an easy watch to be pulled into. Characterization, dialogue and structure are reasonably calculated and orchestrated – which is certain to keep the viewing audience engaged. A hair-raising watch with a deeply poignant underbelly. Highly recommended.

Three Kings Short Film


Runtime: 19 min
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