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A poignant journey through memories and the bittersweet symphony of life.


Aaron Lee Noyes crafts a profoundly moving and poignant drama in his latest film, exploring the intricate tapestry of an elderly dementia sufferer’s life. ‘Remember’ navigates the labyrinth of memories with finesse, as Ron Jacobson delivers a heart-wrenching performance as Francis, who is nearing the end of his journey in a care home.

The narrative gracefully unfolds as Francis reflects on his childhood, the tender moments with his beloved wife Rose (Ria Maric), and the inevitable heartbreak that accompanies loss and grief. The addition of Sal Galofaro as the orderly symbolizing death adds a poignant layer, guiding Francis through the delicate threads of his memories and signaling his transition to the afterlife.

Alex Naughton’s cinematography is a visual feast, skillfully capturing the essence of each moment with picturesque framing and thoughtful shots. Jacobson’s portrayal of the elderly Francis is nothing short of remarkable, conveying the depth of emotion and vulnerability that comes with facing the end of life. Equally commendable is Luke J. Morgan’s performance as the younger Francis, expertly capturing both the joy and tragedy that shape a lifetime.

‘Remember’ is a profound exploration of grief, loss, and the tragic beauty inherent in the human experience. Set against the backdrop of Australia, Noyes delivers a visually stunning and emotionally resonant short film that lingers in the heart long after the credits roll.

Remember Short Film


Runtime: 19 min
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