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Dirty Laundry

A beautifully crafted tale of fear, loneliness, and the courage to face the monsters within.


‘Dirty Laundry’, directed by Aaron Martinez and penned by Guy Pooles, presents a poignant and chilling narrative that delves into the realms of childhood fear, loneliness, and resilience. The short horror film unfolds through the eyes of young Sam, portrayed with remarkable depth by Zander Faden, as he grapples with the haunting presence lurking in his basement. The story skillfully intertwines the innocence of childhood with the weight of emotional neglect, as Sam’s mother, played by Nicole Haddad, copes with her own heartbreak from a recent breakup with Sam’s father.

Faden’s performance is nothing short of remarkable, capturing the essence of a child caught in the crossroads of fear and courage. The film weaves a relatable tale of a family navigating through difficult times, and Pooles’ writing shines through in its ability to evoke genuine emotions. The cinematography by Pooles complements the narrative beautifully, creating a visually captivating experience with well-framed shots and a tone perfectly attuned to the story’s eerie atmosphere.

This short is more than just a horror film; it is a family tale that explores the complexities of childhood and the strength needed to confront one’s fears. With just the right balance of fear for a younger audience, the film stands out as a well-crafted and emotionally resonant piece, showcasing the collaborative talents of its cast and crew. Jeff Blumberg’s portrayal as Sam’s school teacher adds an additional layer of depth to the narrative, contributing to the film’s brilliant execution.

Dirty Laundry Short Film


Runtime: 18 min
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