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Sugar Daddy

Betrayal, crime, and unexpected twists collide in a gritty tale of financial struggle and female empowerment.


Eddie Musa’s short drama film, anchored by Daneia Russell’s sassy performance as Reneé, provides a gripping exploration of the financial struggles faced by a young mother navigating law school. Russell embodies Reneé’s sharp wit, captivating the audience as she resorts to preying on a sexually adventurous older gentleman, played by Scott Zeiss, to make ends meet. The narrative takes an unexpected turn as Eddie Musa, co-starring as Raphael, Reneé’s baby daddy, becomes entangled in a plot of betrayal and crime that leads to an unexpected twist in the narrative.

The film’s strength lies in its ability to blend a slightly comical underbelly with a focus on female empowerment, creating a gritty and compelling storyline. LaDawn Manuel’s cinematography enhances the narrative with well-crafted framing and technical finesse, while commendable sound and editing contribute to the overall immersive experience. Despite occasional distractions in Zeiss’ portrayal, Russell’s strong and consistent performance anchors the film.

Musa’s exploration of the complexities of financial hardship, crime, and unexpected twists adds depth to the plot, making it both engaging and thought-provoking. The narrative succeeds in leaving a lasting impact on the audience, showcasing the resilience of a young mother in the face of adversity.

Sugar Daddy Short Film


Runtime: 16 min
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